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to X-ponent!

Industrial tradition and innovation.

By professionals for professionals.

Sustainable is important.
For real.

Everything in good order since 1937.

The widest range of hooks & holders on the market

Hello and welcome to X-ponent Inredning AB

– We know all about fittings, we know how to put everything in good order!
X-ponent was founded in 1937 and, with over 80 years’ experience in the industry, we are able to offer a wide assortment that is adaptable to the customer’s requirements and business.

X-ponent develops and manufactures workshop furnishings for industries and workshops. We also offer the largest, most varied suspension system of hooks and holders on the market.

Through our range, we want to help put everything in order in workplaces in order to optimise operations and make day-to-day work easier. We look forward to hearing from you!
With X-ponent you get a high-quality Swedish-made product that lasts for a very long time and that is built to bear heavy loads.
With X-ponent, you get a well thought-out product built on experience and expertise when it comes to materials. We design, develop and adapt products based on your company’s needs.
At X-ponent, you’ll be introduced to a workplace expert who’ll help you put your equipment in order. Our project manager will be your companion from start to finish and can give you tips and help you achieve a safer, smarter and more pleasant workplace.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden

The widest range on the market!
Use the entire cabinet for suspension.
Hang up 20 m2 of tools in just 2 m2 of floor space!
5S-adapted carts that make your work more efficient!
Everything in one place. Assembly, dismantling, picking and packing.

Special & customised solutions

Tips on smart X-ponent solutions!
A solid bench for welding jobs
Optimise the logistics trolley
Store display
At X-ponent, we take on larger projects and have helped a lot of customers to make their workplaces more efficient over the years. We always make sure to find the best solutions for your specific company.

We’ve been putting everything in order since 1937

– With the widest range of hooks and holders on the market.


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