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Purchase a tool board that allows the widest range of hooks.
  • 2 mm sheet metal
  • Durable textured paint
  • Fast delivery
  • Original perforation

What colour are you looking for? What dimensions do you need?

We have been manufacturing boards since 1937 and we know how a tool board can be subjected to different areas of use over time. For that reason, we have chosen to make ours in 2 mm sheet metal. The square holes are 9×9 mm and spaced at cc 34 mm, which has been standard for a long time. We have several different models of boards/panels, e.g. completely flat, with upturned edges or our extra strong panels with reinforced back.

The tool boards are manufactured by us in Eskilstuna. We also have the widest range of suspension hooks in Europe. It allows you the opportunity to optimise your particular workstation. Get in touch and we will manufacture your tool board based on your measurements and varnish it in the colour you want.

We’ve been putting everything in order since 1937

– With the widest range of hooks and holders on the market.


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