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Welcome to the widest range of hooks on the market.

Everything has a hook!

Our range of around 300 different hooks, from simple hooks to special holders for workshop equipment, allows you, the customer, to find the right suspension option and to optimise your workplace according to your needs.

X-ponent’s hooks have had the same dimensions for suspension since the company was founded in 1937 and have fitted all our products since the beginning. Use of our locking plugs optimises suspension and means that the hook sits firmly against the board or cabinet. The hook is manufactured in Sweden and all hooks are in stock.

You, the customer, can either choose to pick out individual hooks that suit your needs and area of use or choose one of our hook sets and starter kits. Then we also provide multiple hooks to form a good basis for putting everything in order, regardless of the professional area.

We’ve been putting everything in order since 1937

– With the widest range of hooks and holders on the market.


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